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Exhibition Checklist

“Prepared for the Worst, to Deliver the Best”

An exhibition may look like an easy, convenient deal but in reality, preparing for an exhibition is a lengthy process and requires minute attention to details. It may look like all you have to do is - gather your stand, products and printed materials then head to the venue, right? But it’s far from just that! The process is more meticulous or at least it should be if you want to arrive prepared. The following checklist will help you get ready for your exhibition!

Practise Setup Run

Waiting until your first exhibition to setup your display stand is not a good idea. You should also do this when the package arrives to ensure that no parts are missing or damaged.

Cables & Power

Remember to take time to work out your power requirements – how much power do you need? You also need to plan how you will position your cables (power and ethernet).

Prepare a Supply List

Everyone’s needs will be different. So it’s best to put together a supply list for your event. This should include everything you need; and you should eliminate the chances of a forgotten necessity by writing it all down.

Talk to Working Staff

Speak to your staff before the event. This should be done at least weeks before and let those who you would like to attend know what’s going on. Providing them with a schedule is a good idea and explain what they will be responsible for at the exhibition.

Organise Transportation

You will need to find a way to get your staff and exhibition display to the event. Just remember that larger pieces of your display must he handled with care along the way.

A Final Check

Finalise everything by giving your supply check list, staff and schedule one last going over. Make sure everything is where it should be and all staff are prepared.

Why should Black Pepper be your first choice?

Global presence

Having served the industry for more than a decade, Black pepper has emerged to be a consistent leader and global player of the exhibition world across various countries like Germany, France, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Japan, UAE, Italy, Australia, UK, Russia, Indonesia, United States of America, China, Singapore, Brazil, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, and so on. We possess experience and expertise in handling international projects, thereby offering you a perfect show every time you exhibit with us.

One-stop solution

Black Pepper offers services that are not only comprehensive but also practical. We are a one-stop solution for your brand, as we furnish a wide range of services ranging from strategic planning to a meticulous execution; and further exhibition stall fabrication. We ensure a hassle-free process to aid our clients make the most of their exhibition events and trade shows.

On-time deliverables

With the backing of our active teams and their dedication; Black Pepper manages to execute projects per International quality standards and an on-time delivery always. Our commitment towards our services combined with our quick turnaround time and stringent quality standards; facilitates a refine process where we invest time upfront to prioritise and organise as required; making us the best exhibition stall designer in India.