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Retail Design


Black Pepper believes in creating an experience through its solutions for retail design!

An amalgamation of various elements when brought together charms, stuns and inspires a wide variety of audience; hence creating the perfect setting! We bring your aspirations to life and shape ideas into artwork and production; that guarantees a smooth workflow and punctual delivery for your in-store designs or your retail units.

We create brand activation spaces to build visibility and foster the brand's power to communicate, impact and reinforce associations. Brand activation brings you and your prospective customer closer to the common goals that you contemplate. With relevant solutions, you can create engaging experiential spaces for your brand; as it always drives maximum visitor footfalls. Retail kiosks come in a variety of forms such as booths, carts and retail fixtures, shelves and visual merchandising, which, when added to the kiosk; harmonises it and enhances it.

By setting up a retail point-of-purchase set-up, marketers hope to influence the consumer's buying decision by using various communication vehicles such as displays, packaging, sales promotions, in-store advertising, etc. Innovative management of the point-of-purchase can and has been widely applied to a broad range of consumer product categories. With the diversity of communication vehicles available, we make possible point-of-purchase setup and visual merchandising for our clients in the retail domain, with absolutely efficient space utilisation.

Proficient retail design enables bridging the void and maximises the brand potential; thereby engaging the target audience. All retail merchandising units crafted by Black Pepper pledge durability and stability alongwith bespoke creative options to address various factors such as the size, storage, merchandising, finishes, lighting, security, signage, mobility and so on.

With great expertise backed by outstanding execution; we create brand experiences, visual merchandising, product storytelling and informative point-of-purchase environments to ensure that your needs are not only met but your expectations are exceeded with equal priority to your design needs.